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Digital Transformation Emerging Technologies in 2021

The core technologies like Cloud, Blockchain, the IoT, AR that dominated Digital Transformation trends will remain to be foundational to a new generation of technologies like 5G, ML, AI, cutting-edge data analytics are equipped to lead the way. Some of the key technological advancements in 2021 will be:

5G and Wi-Fi 6

Some of the major players in telecommunications, like Qualcomm, AT&T, Verizon, Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei are ensuring that global 5G technology stay on track, and the best smartphone makers are already releasing 5G phones. It will bring us faster broadband speeds and reliable mobile networks accelerating the advancements in smart city, smart vehicle, smart manufacturing, and hundreds of IoT-intensive technologies waiting for 5G. The new Wi-Fi 6 will extend faster data speeds to far more devices than Wi-Fi 5 was able to manage. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will make the ideal combination of lightning fast connectivity for personal and office uses.

Competitive Advantage through Analytics

There is way too much crucial customer data which is to be collected, refined and transformed into insights. Following the traditional marketing concepts is no longer viable as every organization is leveraging analytics tools to recognize complications, opportunities, and solutions. That’s why various organizations like Microsoft forming its own Power Platform and Salesforce acquiring Tableau to unite analytics capabilities across the tech world.

AI and Machine Learning

Along with analytics, organizations also need to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to navigate and leverage the vast data. The value of AI and machine learning with data analytics can be measured by three distinct value propositions: speed, scale, and accessibility. Speed and scale address the benefits of automating the analysis of massive data sets as opposite to appointing human data analysts to the task. Nowadays the AI and machine learning algorithms have become tremendously good at data analysis, and can easily be scaled in the cloud.


Blockchain will finally begin to see some significant use cases beyond cryptocurrency and payments. Many global leaders are playing to dominate blockchain-as-a-service platform, like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Samsung, IBM, and Alibaba. Look to how blockchain is forecasted to have use cases in manufacturing, retails, insurance, food safety, intellectual property, and real estate management.


We’re always connected, so we need PCs that are always connected as well. We’ll see development of Always-Connected PCs (ACPCs) this year with integrated 5G and LTE technology.

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